American Crew Boost Powder Anti-Gravity Volume Matte Finish 0.3 oz/10g 塑型粉



American Crew Boost Powder可以單獨使用或與任何其他American Crew產品一起使用,可以提供無光澤的質地和無光澤的效果,超越您從專業造型產品中體驗到的任何東西。 American Crew Boost Powder保證讓您看起來和感覺都很棒,為經典美容帶來現代風格。 將您的頭髮提升到新的高度,將這種專業造型輔助設備融入您的風格中,以獲得最大的提升,啞光分離和增強的體積。 使用方法: •輕輕點擊冰球幾次,以鬆開American Crew助推粉。 •將少量倒入手中,輕輕均勻地撒在乾燥的頭髮上。 •為了獲得最大的體積,請確保將粉末塗抹在根部。 •可與任何American Crew造型產品結合使用,但特別適合American Crew Boost Cream。 Adding lift and grit for dramatic, gravity defying texture, American Crew Boost Powder can be used alone or with any other American Crew to provide matte texture and a no-shine finish beyond anything you’ve experience from a professional styling product. Guaranteed to make you look and feel great, the American Crew Boost Powder brings a modern styling approach to classic grooming. To take your hair to new heights sprinkle this professional styling aid into your style for maximum lift, matte separation and enhanced volume. Directions of use: • Tap the puck lightly a few times to loosen American Crew Boost Powder. • Pour a small amount into your hand and lightly and evenly sprinkle onto dry hair. • For maximum volume ensure you apply the powder to your roots. • Can be combined with any American Crew styling products, but particularly suited to American Crew Boost Cream. (8432225050232)

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