American Crew Classic Firm Hold Styling Gel, Firm Hold, Non-flaking Gel 390ml 強力定型髮膠



不含酒精的配方,富含天然提取物,如維生素B5,能夠強效保持頭髮,賦予光澤和豐滿感。 由於pH值低,對頭髮和頭皮沒有乾燥作用 •雙聚合物複合物:提供強大的保持力和光線 •不含酒精:不會破壞頭髮 •低ph值:更容易分散在頭髮上 使用方法: •對於濕髮或毛巾乾髮,使用American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel,然後根據需要塑造頭髮。 •讓它自己乾燥。 Alcohol-free formula enriched with natural extracts such as vitamin B5, which gives a strong hold to the hair, giving light and fullness Due to the low pH, there is no drying effect on the hair and scalp •Double Polymer Complex: Provides strong hold and light •Non-alcoholic: Does not spoil the hair •Low ph value: Easier to disperse on hair Directions: • For wet or towel dry hair, apply the American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel styler and then shape the hair as required. • Let it dry itself (669316076026)

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