American Crew Classic Heavy Hold Hair Pomade 85g



該產品專為任何髮型設計。 American Crew使用水基配方,因此不會壓低頭髮。 •提供非常強的保持力 •散發出光芒四射的光芒 •有效撫平秀發。 •彈性質地 •清新宜人的氣味 •不會使頭髮乾燥 •容易洗掉 這種水性潤髮油可以輕鬆洗髮,沒有殘留物。 它含有甘油,可以滋潤頭髮並使頭髮光澤。 如何使用: 在指尖之間擦少量產品,然後將其塗抹在乾燥或潮濕的頭髮上。 所需樣式。 效果:光澤,圓滑,可控的頭髮。 This product is designed for styling of any hair type. American Crew uses a water-based formula, so it does not weigh down the hair. •Provides very strong hold •Gives radiant shine •Effectively smooths hair •Elastic texture •Pleasant, fresh scent •Does not dry out hair •Easy to wash off This water-based pomade is shampooed out easily without residue. It contains glycerine, which moisturises hair and makes it shine. How to use: Rub a small amount of the product between your fingertips and apply to dry or damp hair. Style as desired. Result: Shiny, sleek, hair under control. (669316395400)

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