American Crew Classic Matte Mattifying Styling Cream 100ml



American Crew Ultramatte是一種定型產品,具有啞光效果。 富含D-泛醇,可滋養和濃密髮絲。 •提供超啞光效果 •設置樣式並控制髮型 •防止水分流失 •防止紫外線 它含有D-泛醇,可以滋養頭髮並使其蓬鬆。 它還可以防止水分流失。 此外,水解的小麥蛋白會滲透到頭髮纖維中,修復任何縫隙,而二氧化矽會給頭髮帶來強烈的啞光效果。 如何使用: 根據需要分配在潮濕的頭髮和造型上。 頭髮乾燥後,梳理或刷毛,以激活啞光效果。 效果: 持久,啞光的髮型,滋養和保護頭髮。 American Crew Ultramatte is a styling product, which provides a matte finish. Enriched with D-Panthenol, the cream nourishes and thickens hair. •Provides ultra-matte finish •Styles and gives control to the hairstyle •Protects from moisture loss •Protects from UV rays It contains D-Panthenol, which nourishes hair and gives it volume. It also protects from moisture loss. In addition, hydrolysed wheat proteins penetrate the hair fibre, repairing any gaps, while silica gives strong matte effect on hair. How to use: Distribute on damp hair and style as desired. When hair is dry, comb or brush it, to activate matte effect. Result: Long-lasting, matte hairstyle, nourished and protected hair. (669316044858)