American Crew Classic Molding Clay for men hair styling 85g



專為男士日常髮型設計而設計的黏土。 可以整天固定頭髮,適合每種髮型,特別是短髮。 得益於精緻的天然配方,它提供了安全,無創的作用,並且易於使用。 • 固視力強 • 中等光澤度 • 提供靈活,持久的結構 • 非常適合出汗的頭皮和頭髮 由蜂蠟和陶土組成,可以牢固固定頭髮,同時整日保持其形狀不變。 向日葵提取物和天然精油可提供光澤,並防止頭髮過度乾燥,在頭髮上不留油膩層。 適合領導活躍,運動生活方式的男士。 使用方法:在手指上塗抹少量,以軟化粘土。 均勻塗抹在毛巾擦乾的濕髮上。 樣式為首選。 結果:牢固固定,保濕,柔韌且充滿光澤的頭髮。 A clay designed for everyday men hair styling. Allows to fix hair for the whole day, suitable for every hair type, especially short. Thanks to a delicate, natural formula, it provides safe, non-invasive action and easy application. •Strong fixation level •Medium gloss level •Provides flexible, lasting structure •Perfect for sweaty scalp and hair Consists of bee wax and china clay, which allow to fix hair strongly, while maintaining its shape in unchanged form for the whole day. Sunflower extract and natural, essential oils provide shine and prevent overdrying leaving no oily layer on hair. Perfect for men leading active, sport lifestyle. How to use: Spread a small amount in fingers, so as to soften the clay. Apply evenly to wet, towel-dried hair. Style as preferred. Result: Strongly fixed, moisturized, flexible and full of shine hair. (738678242025)