American Crew Superglue Gel 100ml (Gel for extreme hold and shine) 美國隊員超強力髮膠



凝膠具有很強的保持力和亮度。 高強度,高亮度,高清晰度,創造前所未有的風格。 優點: • 持久保濕,防止頭髮受損,增加頭髮,增加光澤。 • 提供堅固耐用的裝備。 • 天然保濕劑用於賦予身體和亮度。 使用方法: • 用毛巾在濕髮上慷慨地塗抹,打造自己的妝容,讓頭髮自然乾燥。 Gel for strong hold and brightness. Create styles like never before with high strength, high brightness and high definition. Benefits: • Long-lasting hydration, prevents hair damage, thickens hair, and increases luminosity. • Provides a strong and durable outfit. • Natural moisturizer used to give body and brightness. Application: • Apply generously on wet hair with towel, create your own look and let your hair dry naturally. Features: Panthenol, Copolymers, Ricin Oil. (8007376025783)

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