Gatsby Ultra Tough Hair Styling Clay 50g



•髮泥給您想要的尖銳而狂野的造型,可以使頭髮扭曲或增粘。 •它通過自由扭曲執行時尚及您想要的髮型。 如何使用: •取少量入掌心,然後均勻散開,然後混入想要產生運動感的頭髮末端或其他部位。 •不要一次放置太多,以免分佈不均; 少量少量應用。 •Clay-type ultra-hard wax means sharp and wild styling just as you want, twisting or spiking up hair. •It performs trendy, mat and dynamic styling by free twisting. Containing power, for a non-gloss finish. How to use: •Take a small amount into palms and spread well out before blending into ends or other parts of hair where you want to create movement. •Do not put too much at once to avoid uneven distribution; apply several times in small amounts. (4902806299861)

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