Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Lagoom Jam Styling Gel 150ml 髮膠



這款Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom可助您一臂之力。 完美的造型工具,可增加質感,其速乾配方不僅可最大程度地增加頭髮的體積,而且可增強髮質。 Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam已經過重新配製,因此它不僅為您提供出色的質感和清晰度,而且還提供了防熱和防色性能。 在吹乾之前在潮濕的頭髮上使用,或者在乾燥後在頭髮上添加一些以使您看起來完美! •即時效果凝膠,帶來豐盈,造型和無限外觀 •用於吹乾和定型 •不會使頭髮黏膩或堅硬 •適用於毛巾乾燥或乾燥的頭髮 •熱和顏色保護 如何使用: •將少量塗在毛巾擦乾的頭髮上,然後吹乾以無限量。 •塗在毛巾擦乾的頭髮上,風乾以使其濕潤,或塗在乾燥的頭髮上以控制和靈活握持。 Give your hair a lift with this Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam. The perfect styling tool for adding body and texture, its quick-drying formula not only maximises the volume of your hair but also strengthens it leaving your locks with more body for longer. Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam has been re-formulated, so not only does it give you great body and definition, but also provides heat and colour protection too. Use on damp hair before you blow-dry or, once dry, add a little to your hair to leave you looking picture perfect! •Instant effect gel for volume, styling and unlimited looks - hold factor 4 •For blow drying and styling •Does not leave hair sticky or hard •Apply to towel-dried or dry hair •Heat and colour protection How to use: •Apply a small amount onto towel-dried hair and blow dry for unlimited volume. •Apply to towel-dried hair and air dry for a wet look or onto dry hair for control and flexible hold. (4021609275091)