Invisibobble 魔髮圈-經典系列ORIGINAL (Pretzel Brown) 德國髮飾 髮圈 Elastic Band-Bracelet For Hair



Invsibobble Pretzel Brown of the Original系列非常適合深色頭髮的女孩,並將創造一個完美的形象! 原始系列包括最流行的橡皮筋顏色,以及新的顏色,為每一天創造無可挑剔的形象。 Invisibobble Hair Rings適用於所有類型的頭髮,牢固地固定頭髮,不留下摺痕,並且不會由於頭髮上的壓力分佈不均而引起頭痛。 此外,它們不會濕潤並且不會引起與皮膚接觸的過敏,因為它們是由人造樹脂製成的。 產品特點: 能綁緊頭髮,不易鬆脫 不拉扯頭髮,無痛感 獨特設計,不易留有綁痕 減少掉髮及髮尾開叉 防靜電 可隨意綁緊任何大小束頭髮 只要浸泡在熱水中,即可回復緊緻,變回原本大小及彈性狀態,非常耐用 減少消耗,減少浪費,減少製造垃圾 Invsibobble Pretzel Brown of the Original collection is perfect for the dark-haired girls and will create a perfect image! The original collection includes the most popular colors of rubber bands, as well as new colors to create an impeccable image for every day. Elastic bands-Invisibobble bracelets are suitable for all types of hair, securely fix the hair, do not leave a crease and do not cause a headache due to the uneven distribution of pressure on the hair. In addition, they do not wet and do not cause allergy in contact with the skin, because they are made of artificial resin. (4260285373022)

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