Joico ICE Erratic Molding Clay 3.4oz / 100ML 髮泥



•一種定型髮泥,提供中等彈性的握持力,不帶灰塵 •提供獨特而光滑的一致性 •在乾燥的頭髮上,打造啞光的柔順彈力風格。 •在濕髮上,可獲得更細膩的質感效果 •獨特配方無重量 •散發新鮮黃瓜香氣。 •適用於濕髮或乾發 如何使用: •將少量塗抹在指尖上,然後戴在頭髮上。 •根據需要創建髮型。 •A styling clay offering a medium & resilient hold without dirt •Gives unique & sleek consistency •Define pieces, curls and dreads •On dry hair, creates supple & elastic styles in a matted finish •On damp hair, for more subtle textured results •Unique formula delivers without weight •Scented with fresh cucumber fragrance •Apply on wet or dry hair How to Use: •Apply a little amount onto your fingertips and put on your hair. •Create your hair style as you want. (074469445566)

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