L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Creme Universelle 150ml 迷髮油滋養護髮乳液



一種通用產品,可用於每種頭髮類型。 由於由優質活性成分組成的安全配方,因此適合日常使用。 📌甚至可以控制長達96小時的髮型 📌提供持久的體積 📌滋養和淡化其色澤。 📌完美撫平 由天然美容油組成:具有強大的再生和保護性能的摩洛哥堅果油和具有深層保濕和光亮品質的杏仁。 兩種成分均可立即改善頭髮的外觀和狀況,同時增強其髮質並使其更抗損傷。 使用方法: 洗髮前可使用乳霜作為護理,洗髮後可將其作為護髮素或乳霜用於定型,然後吹乾。 結果:平滑,自律,充滿光澤的髮型。 為了達到最佳效果,請嘗試使用Mythic Oil系列的其他產品,以完成日常護髮護理。 A universal product, which can be used with every hair type. Thanks to the safe formula consisting of high quality active ingredients, it is suitable for everyday use. 📌Gives control over hairstyle even up to 96 hours 📌Provides long-lasting volume 📌Nourishes and luminizes its coloration 📌Smoothens perfectly Consists of natural beauty oils: argan having strong regenerating and protecting properties and almond having deeply moisturizing and luminizing qualities. Both of ingredients provide an immediate improvement of hair look and condition, while strengthening it and making more resistant to damages. How to use: Cream can be used before washing hair, as a treatment, and after washing as a conditioner or cream for styling before blow-dry. Result: Smoothened, disciplined, full of shine hairstyle. To reach best effect, try other products from Mythic Oil line, fulfilling everyday hair care treatment. (3474636391202)

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