L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art French Froisse 150ml 髮乳



專為濃密的頭髮而設計,這款定型乳霜可在長度和末端提供凌亂的質感。 受輕鬆時尚的法國女孩風格的啟發,Tecni Art為您帶來了Froisse。 歐萊雅Professionnel Tecni.ART法國Froissé可讓您毫不費力地實現別具一格的鎖具,並增添質感和清晰度-這種外觀受典型的“ je ne sais quoi”法國女孩風格的啟發。 免洗定型乳霜專為濃密髮質而設計,有助於撫平髮梢和髮梢,同時增強自然光澤。 輕盈,不油膩,該乳霜可讓您輕鬆打造出精美,凌亂,低維護的外觀。 使用方法: 完成吹乾後,可用於90%乾燥的頭髮,捲曲或扭曲的部位。 Designed for thick hair, this styling cream provides messy texture on lengths and ends. Inspired by effortlessly chic french girl style, Tecni Art brings you French Froisse. L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni.ART French Froissé allows you to achieve effortlessly chic locks with added texture and definition – a look inspired by the quintessentially ‘je ne sais quoi’ French Girl style. Specially formulated for thick hair, the leave-in styling cream helps to muss up the lengths and ends whilst enhancing natural shine. Lightweight and non-greasy, the cream allows you to create beautifully tousled, low-maintenance looks with ease. Directions: Use on 90% dry hair, scrunching or twisting sections as you complete your blow dry. To get the look quicker, braid the hair in several sections and dry off or run straighteners over the plait. (3474636370580) #LOREAL