L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Play Ball Deviation Paste 100ml 髮泥



用這個引人注目的啞光效果定義髮膠打破頭髮造型規則。 適合創建您的風格的解構分離和定義。 獨特的配方設計用於長度短於10厘米的頭髮。 如何使用: 在你的手中加熱少量產品,然後用手指部分,塗抹在乾燥的頭髮上。 這是一款適合短髮風格的完美產品。 Meet our deconstructing definition paste. Break the hair styling rules with this enticing matte effect definition hair paste. Perfect for creating deconstructed separation and definition of your style. The unique formula is designed to work best on hair shorter than 10 cm long. How to use: Heat a small amount of product between your hands and apply to towel-dried or dry hair, using your fingers to define sections. This is a perfect product for short hairstyles. (3474630632196) #Loreal