L'Oreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo (For Grey and White Hair) 300ml 去黃洗髮水



歐萊雅專家系列鎂銀洗髮水是一種用於白髮和白髮的發光洗髮水,可逐漸消除造成難看的黃色反射,這種反射會引起煙霧和使用錯誤的產品,對頭皮過於激進。 富含鎂的配方。 結果 抗黃變效果。 賦予亮度和亮度。 健康,柔軟,發光的頭髮。 紫外線濾網保護的Chioma免受污染的大氣物質。 技術 光澤保護系統使您的頭髮柔軟,富有彈性和光彩,重現純淨自然。 富含化妝品成分,抗黃變劑和角蛋白成分,可中和黃色反射並賦予頭髮柔軟度和亮度。 如何使用: 按摩頭髮至起泡並徹底沖洗。 對於加強效果,建議每周至少清洗兩次。 L'Oreal Expert Series Magnesium Silver Shampoo is an illuminating shampoo for gray and white hair, which progressively eliminates the unsightly yellow reflection that is created to cause smog and the use of wrong products, too aggressive for the scalp. Formula enriched in Magnesium. Results Anti-yellowing effect. It gives brightness and brilliance. Healthy, soft and luminous hair. Chioma protected by UV screen against polluting atmospheric agents. Technology The Gloss Protect System allows you to have soft, elastic and luminous hair that rediscover purity and naturalness. Enriched with cosmetic ingredients, anti-yellowing agents and keratin components to neutralize the yellow reflections and give the hair softness and brightness. use Distribute with care on wet hair. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. If necessary, proceed with a second application. For an intensive treatment it is advisable to wash twice a week for at least four weeks. (3474636502844) #LOREAL

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