Matrix Color Sync 90ml Demi-Hair Color Ammonia Free (各種色度/Various Shades) 無氨染髮膏




*調色板可參考Matrix網站。 * 發現令人眼前一亮的超級豐富色調。 融合了獨特的鮮豔染料技術,可創建均勻的色彩,以實現從根到尾的無縫色彩效果。 這種獨特的無氨色調色澤具有Cera-Oil Priming Complex,可幫助平衡孔隙度,甚至使頭髮表面均勻,可產生無縫的色彩、明亮的光澤和良好的狀態。 *這是專業產品,只能由經過培訓的人員使用。 賣方對因使用本產品而導致的任何不利後果概不負責。 *The color palette will be available on Matrix's website. * Discover an arresting palette of super rich shades. Infused with exclusive Vivid Dye Technology to create an even canvas for seamless color results from root to ends. This Unique ammonia-free tone-on-tone colour features Cera-Oil Priming Complex to help balance porosity and even out the hairs surface. The even canvas leads to seamless colour, brilliant shine and great condition. How to use: -Mix equal parts Color Sync shade with Color Sync Activator (1:1). -Apply on dry hair. -Apply Color Sync formula to the scalp area. -Immediately work formula through the mid-lengths and ends. -Process using the timing chart. *This is a professional product and should be used only by a trained individual. Seller is not liable for any adverse outcome resulting from use of this product.