Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Break Fix Elixir 200ml (Leave in Elixir) 髮乳



Matrix elixir用於日常護理受損和脆弱的頭髮。 適合在家中或美髮沙龍使用。 由於成分的獨特組合,它是安全的,不會使頭髮下垂。 用蛋白質修復受損的頭髮結構 改善狀況和抵抗損壞 減少頭髮斷裂,防止其再次發生 給人以燦爛的光芒 平滑,便於拉直 它含有ceramides,它是頭髮的重要組成成分,具有很強的修復和強化性能,從而消除了毛髮孔隙的問題。 此外,Amino Silicones使頭髮表面光滑,甚至毛髮表皮,使其柔軟有光澤。 如何使用: 用毛巾擦乾的頭髮並均勻塗抹,然後吹乾和造型。 結果: 強烈再生,健康的外觀和光滑的頭髮。 The elixir is intended for everyday care of damaged and brittle hair. Appropriate for use at home or in hair salon. Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients, it is safe and does not weigh hair down. Repairs damaged hair structure with proteins Improves condition and resistance to damage Reduces hair breakage and prevents its recurrence Gives a brilliant shine Smooths and facilitates straightening It contains ceramides which are a significant building component of hair and have strong repairing and strengthening properties, thus eliminating the problem of hair porosity. Additionally, amino silicones smooth hair surface and even hair cuticles, making it soft and shiny. How to use: Smooth evenly through washed and towel dried hair, then style as usual. Result: Intensely regenerated, healthy looking and smooth hair. (884486225504)

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