Redken One United 25 Benefits All In One Multi Benefit Treatment Elixir, Travel Size 30ml護髮精華 所有髮質適用 旅行裝



新的護理療法具有25種滋養特性,適用於所有髮質! 每個人都有獨特的獨特頭髮結構-Redken One聯合護理護理將每個頭髮都融合在一起。 無論是毛躁,光滑,頑固,豐滿,稀疏,短髮還是長發,Redken護理在一個瓶子中都具有25種滋養特性。 因此,它賦予每種髮型自己的美麗! 多合一護理不含對羥基苯甲酸酯和硫酸鹽,並結合了來自三個領域的25種護理特性:頭髮質地,保護和美容。 立即看到可見結果,並改善頭髮結構和類型的狀況。 用帶電的陽離子活性成分處理時所含的陽離子絡合物可以舒緩和纏結頭髮。 Kera-Care技術由木糖和水解植物蛋白組成,還可以保護頭髮免受熱侵害,而椰子油則可以賦予頭髮柔軟,順滑和柔滑的光澤。 The new care treatment with 25 nourishing properties for all hair types! Each one has an unmistakably unique hair structure - Redken One United Nursing Treatment brings together every single one of them. Whether frizzy, smooth, stubborn, full, thin, short or long hair, the Redken treatment combines 25 nourishing properties in a single bottle. So it gives each hair type its own beauty! The all-in-one care is paraben and sulfate-free and combines 25 care properties from three areas: hair texture, protection and beauty. Instantly see visible results and improve the condition of hair structures and types. The cationic complex contained in the treatment with charged, cationic active ingredients soothes and detangles the hair. The Kera-Care technology, consisting of xylose and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, also protects the hair from heat and coconut oil gives the hair suppleness, smoothness and a silky shine. Application of Redken One United Care Treatment: ①Apply the treatment after shampooing between the hair washes as a refresher. ②Mixed with a rinse-out treatment after cleansing, ③Mixed with a leave in treatment after cleansing, ④Mix with a Redken Styling product to give the look the perfect finish. (884486219329)