RefectoCil Oxidant 3% Liquid 100ml 眉毛睫毛染色 雙氧水 氧化劑



RefectoCil Oxidant 3% Liquid 100ml眉毛睫毛染色氧化劑 RefectoCil氧化劑是一種穩定液體,相當於3%的氧化水。它對於傳統的RefectoCil henna染色至關重要。由於它的液體配方,它非常有效。 📌RefectoCil henna顏色處理必不可少 📌提供出色的著色效果 📌液體稠度 📌效率很高 📌足夠約200次使用 如何使用: 用紙墊或保護霜墊保護眼睛下方的皮膚。將10滴氧化劑與2厘米RefectoCil henna混合成所需顏色。準備好後立即將混合物塗抹在眉毛或睫毛上。在指定的時間過後,用濕棉墊清洗染料。 結果: 快速高效地製備眉毛和睫毛著色混合物。 使用RefectoCil henna染料僅用於處理眉毛和睫毛染色。 RefectoCil是一個眾所周知且有價值的產品,用於護理和染色眉毛和睫毛。您可以通過突出其顏色,形狀或改善眉毛和睫毛的狀況來美化眼睛的框架。 RefectoCil化妝品已成功應用於美容院,美容院和家庭護理中。 The RefectoCil Oxidant is a stabilizing liquid equivalent to 3% of oxidized water. It is essential for traditional RefectoCil henna colouring. Thanks to its liquid formula, it is very efficient. 📌Essential for RefectoCil henna colour treatment 📌Provides excellent colouring results 📌Liquid consistency 📌Very efficient 📌Enough for about 200 uses 📌Practical dispenser How to use: Protect the skin under the eyes with paper pads or protective cream pads. Mix 10 drops of Oxidant with 2 cm RefectoCil henna in the desired colour. Apply the mixture to eyebrows or eyelashes immediately after preparation. Wash off the dye with a damp cotton pad after the specified time has elapsed. Result: Quick and efficient preparation of eyebrow and eyelash colouring mixture. Use RefectoCil henna dye for the treatment only. RefectoCil is a well-known and valued brand of products for the care and colouring of eyebrows and eyelashes. You can beautify the frame of your eyes by accentuating out its colour, shape or improving the condition of your brows and lashes. RefectoCil cosmetics are successfully used in beauty salons, beauty salons and in home care. (9003877901174)

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