Renee Blanche Kit Beard - Moustache Wax 50ml, Beard Oil 50ml, Beard Balm 100ml & Beard Shampoo 100ml 鬍鬚全套護理套裝



它含有精油,富含精油和營養成分。 它適合皮膚和鬍鬚。 散發著雪松、薄荷和丁香的高貴香氣。 如何使用: 洗鬚水: 塗在鬍鬚上。 小心按摩並沖洗。 鬍鬚膏: 將產品塗在鬍鬚上; 細膩地按摩並沖洗。 鬍鬚油: 將幾滴鬍鬚油倒在手掌上。 從頭髮的根部到末端均勻分佈。 用量取決於頭髮的長度和構造。 小鬍子蠟: 將蠟塗在鬍鬚上以進行造型。 套裝包括: 洗鬚水100ml 鬍鬚膏 100ml 鬍鬚油 50ml 小鬍子蠟 50ml It has essential oils that enriched with lenitive and nourishing ingredients. It's suitable for both the skin and the beard. A fragrance with noble notes of Cedar, Patchouli, Mint, and cloves. How to use: Beard Shampoo: Apply on the beard. Massage with care and rinse. Beard Balm: Apply the product on the beard; massage with delicacy and rinse. Beard oil: Pour some drops of beard oil on the palm of the hand. Distribute uniformly starting from the base of the hair up to the ends. quantity to be applied, depending on the length and the conformation of hair. Wax for Moustaches: Apply the wax on the mustaches and on beard to model. Set Includes: Mustaches Wax - 50 ml Beard Oil - 50 ml Beard Balm - 100 ml Beard Shampoo - 100 ml (80006569150301)

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