Revlon Professional Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner 200ml 露華濃補充水份免沖護髮精華



露華濃專業Equave補充水份免沖護髮精華200ML 經常在正常或乾燥頭髮上使用的護髮素。 憑藉其輕巧的配方,它不會壓低頭髮,可以每天使用。 令秀髮無纏結。 輕巧的兩相配方 深層滋養頭髮 提供深層滋潤 賦予柔軟度和光澤度。 保護頭髮免受脫水和損傷。 包含兩種類型的角蛋白,一種主要的頭髮構成成分,它們共同為角質層提供完全的營養。 角蛋白滲透到頭髮深處,可有效增強和恢復傷害,而在表面上則具有平滑,拋光和軟化的特性。 如何使用: 洗後噴在潮濕的頭髮上。 不要清洗。 結果: 深層滋養,保濕,絲滑柔軟,容光煥發的頭髮。 Conditioner for frequent use on normal to dry hair. Thanks to its lightweight formula, it does not weigh hair down and can be used daily. Leaves hair tangle-free Lightweight, two-phase formula Deeply nourishes hair Provides deep moisture Gives softness and shine Protects hair from dehydration and damage Contains two types of keratin, the main building block of hair, which together provide complete nutrition for the cuticles. Penetrating deep into hair, keratin effectively strengthens and restores damage, while on the surface it has smoothing, and polishing and softening properties. How to use: Spray on damp hair after washing. Do not rinse. Results: Deeply nourished, moisturised, silky soft and radiantly shiny hair. (8432225076126)