Revlon Professional Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment 150 ml 露華濃椰子頭髮護理



露華濃專業Uniq One椰子頭髮護理150毫升 露華濃專業Uniq One椰子頭髮護理可徹底修復受損和乾燥的頭髮。 它可以防止有害的外部因素。它使您的頭髮變得光滑且充滿光澤。這種護理具有護理特性,還可以固定髮型。它還有助於刷牙並防止末端開裂。 1) 柔軟而散亂的頭髮 2) 它通過UVA和UVB保護顏色 3) 它有助於造型 4) 平滑變得更容易 5) 它為頭髮提供光澤 6) 熱保護器 7) 蓮花香 8) 它防止開叉 使用方法: 在距頭髮約20厘米的距離處噴霧,然後根據需要進行定型,以幫助用梳子解開頭髮。 該產品還可以用於乾發上,恢復髮型。 在這種情況下,可以將其噴在手掌上,並塗在尖端和長度上。 結果:柔軟,光滑,滋養和受保護的頭髮。 Revlon Professional Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment intensively rebuilds damaged and dry hair. It protects against harmful external factors. It makes your hair become smooth and full of shine. The treatment has caring properties and also fixes the hairstyle. It also facilitates brushing and prevents ends from splitting. 1) Soft and untangle hair 2) It protects the color by UVA and UVB 3) It facilitates styling 4) Smoothing becomes easier 5) It provides shine to hair 6) Thermal protector 7) Lotus fragrance 8) It prevents split ends How to use: Spray at a distance of about 20 cm from the hair and proceed to style as desired, to help untangle the hair with a comb. The product can also be used on dry hair to revive the styling. In this case it can be sprayed on the palm of the hand and apply it on tips and lengths. Result: Soft, smooth, nourished and protected hair. (8432225074184)