Schwarzkopf Osis Prep-Spray Hairbody 200ml 噴霧



OSiS + Hairbody 體積風格和護理噴霧是一個非常輕量級的調節造型噴霧適合所有的頭髮類型。 提供完美的造型基礎, 這種輕量級噴霧是一個自然健康的,有彈性的頭髮。控制毛躁,這保濕造型噴霧提高梳子能力,同時保持自然。 完美的 detangling 噴霧,為不守規矩的頭髮,Hairbody 風格和護理噴霧平滑的頭髮表面和調節孔隙度,使頭髮柔滑平滑和健康。 使用: 適用於潮濕的頭髮。 Schwarzkopf Osis Prep-Spray Hairbody 200ml Spray that cares and prepares hair for styling. Light control and volume. Smoothes hair porosity. Smoothes the surface. Light care. Easy hairstyle. Anti-frightening action. USE Spray on fresh washed hair. Dry with a hair dryer or let the hair dry naturally. Style as desired or use as a lotion before haircut. Kill routine with the feather light OSiS Hairbody Style & Care Spray, a must for natural styling and increased bounce. Conditioning whilst giving your hair volume and a smooth finish, this spray will hoist you out of a styling rut. With OSiS Hairbody Style & Care Spray you can expect effortless natural styling, putting voluminous, easy to style, conditioned, tangle-free and anti-static hair all on the agenda. Providing a non burdening hold and a combination of quat care agents and light film formers, it delivers an OSiS Control Level of 1 for natural movement and style. OSiS Control Level 1. Directions of use: Apply to damp hair. Blow-dry or leave to dry naturally and style as required. (4045787314434)

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