TIGI BED HEAD After Party Smoothing Cream for Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair 100ml



📌混合輕質護髮素,使秀發順滑,同時賦予秀發光澤和身體美感,而不會壓低頭髮 📌有助於防止靜電積聚和飛散 📌防毛躁複合物有助於控制毛躁,並抵禦潮濕帶來的令人震驚的效果 📌富含蓖麻籽油,可幫助頭髮更均勻地反射光澤。 頭髮看起來異常光澤 📌保持:亮 📌紋理:光 📌完成:閃耀 適用: 適用於所有類型的頭髮,尤其是捲曲和粗發。 如何使用: 在手掌之間塗抹一硬幣大小的量,然後在濕潤的頭髮上撫平。 📌A blend of lightweight conditioners smooths hair while imparting shine and body without weighing the hair down 📌Helps prevent static build up and flyaways 📌Anti-frizz complex helps keep frizz under control and defend against the style-shocking effects of humidity 📌Formulated with Castor Seed Oil which is known to help hair reflect shine more evenly. Hair looks incredibly shiny 📌HOLD: Light 📌TEXTURE: Light 📌FINISH: Shine For Who: Great on all hair types especially frizzy and coarse hair. How to Use: Work a dime-size amount between palms of hands and smooth onto damp hair. Style as desired. (615908425772)

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