TIGI BED HEAD Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo 400ml (For Coloured Hair)



TIGI BED HEAD彩色女神洗髮露與甜杏仁油,滋養椰子油和角蛋白混合在一起,可使頭髮看起來既健康又健康,是使染髮後的頭髮充滿活力的完美之選。 此外,這款洗髮露還含有旨在增強和修復秀發的必需維生素E,可清潔和去除積垢。 使用方法: 徹底弄濕頭髮,起泡沫並沖洗。 Perfect for keeping your colour-treated hair vibrant, the TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo is blended with sweet almond oil, nourishing coconut oil and keratin to keep hair looking and feeling healthy. Also boasting essential vitamin E intended to strengthen and repair your hair, this shampoo refreshes and cleanses as well as removing product build up. Directions for use: - Wet hair thoroughly, lather and rinse. (615908426748)

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