TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Conditioner 200ml (For Coloured Hair) 護髮素



使用TIGI Bed Head色彩護髮素,能減低頭髮的褪色。 這款保濕護髮素非常適合已染的頭髮,它將為您帶來柔軟,閃亮和容光煥發的頭髮。 這款不含硫酸鹽的TIGIBed Head彩色抗色護髮素可讓您的頭髮恢復健康,並在洗完後保持新鮮的色澤和超亮的外觀。 這是染髮後的完美修復! 方向: 塗上濕的頭髮,靜置一分鐘。 徹底沖洗。 Get armed and win the battle against colour fade with the TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess Conditioner. Perfect for Coloured Hair, this moisturising conditioner will leave you with soft, shiny and radiant locks. Check your hair into rehab with this sulfate-free TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess Conditioner and keep that freshly coloured and super shiny look wash after wash. It is the perfect therapy for colour treated hair! Directions: Apply to damp hair. Work through hair and leave for one minute. Rinse thoroughly. (615908423136)

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