TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Conditioner for Chemically Treated Hair 200ml 護髮素



TIGI Color Combat Dumb Blonde Reconstructor是一種針對漂白的金髮,可修復破損和毫無生氣的髮色。 新配方是一種密集型重建劑,每週1-2次在受損嚴重的頭髮上使用。 它具有很好的營養成分,保護性混合物,可平衡漂白和經過多道處理的頭髮,帶來令人驚豔的健康外觀。 色彩鎖定技術有助於防止褪色,因此色調保持純正。 使用方法: 塗上頭髮3-5分鐘並按摩至頭尾,然後沖洗。 TIGI Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Reconstructor (200ml) is a therapy for highlighted, bleached blonde babes which battles breakage and lifeless colour. The new formulation is an intensive reconstructor designed to be used on very damaged hair 1-2 times a week. It features a perfect, protecting blend of nourishing elements that balance bleached and multi-processed hair for an amazing healthy look. Colour LockDown Technology helps safeguard against fading, so colour tone stays pure. Directions: Leave in for 3-5 minutes for a full-on mask or massage into ends daily for high maintenance hair. Rinse thoroughly. (615908423099)

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