Matrix Biolage Colorlast Purple Shampoo Blonde Hair 250ml (去黃洗頭水)



紫色Biolage ColorLast洗髮水建議用於自然髮色和染髮後的金髮。 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯,具有純素食配方。 護髮師在兩次護理之間刷新頭髮的顏色。 中和黃色底色 冷卻陰影 有效撫平秀發。 減少破損 賦予柔軟光澤 含有富含多酚的無花果和蘭花提取物,可保護頭髮免受自由基形成的消耗。 無花果滋潤,增強和撫平股線。 洗髮水還包含紫色顏料,可以中和黃色調,並冷卻陰影。 使用方法:塗抹在濕髮上並按摩。放置3-5分鐘,然後徹底沖洗。 結果:陰影均勻。 使頭髮柔軟順滑。 嘗試其他適合您頭髮需求的Biolage產品,以提供全面的護理。 The purple Biolage ColorLast shampoo is recommended for blonde, both natural and colour-treated blonde hair. Contains no parabens and has a vegan formula. Refreshes hair colour between treatments by your colourist. Neutralises yellow undertones Cools down the shade Effectively smooths hair Decreases breakage Gives softness and shine Contains extracts of fig and orchid rich in polyphenols, which protect hair from depletion resulting from the formation of free radicals. Fig moisturises, strengthens and smooths the strands. The shampoo also contains purple pigments that neutralize yellow tones and cool down the shade. How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage in. Leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Results: Even, cool shade. Leaves hair soft and smooth to the touch. Try the other Biolage products suited to the needs of your hair to provide complex and complete care. (3474636728367)