Matrix Style Link Shape Switcher Molding Paste 50g (Hold level 5) 髮膏



適用於任何髮型的日常用品。 它可以加速並促進頭髮造型而不會使頭髮下垂,不會在其表面留下油膩的層。 牢牢抓住髮型 柔性成型 如何使用: 根據需要用手和風格均勻地分佈在頭髮上。 在需要更強保持的區域塗抹更多產品。 結果:靈活,持久的風格。 建議將Molding Paste與Matrix Style Link系列中的其他產品一起使用,例如:帶有保護性噴霧和豐盈泡沫。 Paste for everyday use in styling of any hair type. It speeds up and facilitates styling of your hair without weighing it down, does not leave a greasy layer on its surface. Firm hold of hairstyle Flexible moulding Satin finish How to use: Distribute evenly on hair with your hands and style as desired. Apply more paste in areas requiring stronger hold. Result: Flexible, durable style with a satin finish. It is recommended to use the molding paste with other products from the Matrix Style Link line, e.g. with a protective spray and volumizing foam. (884486179531)