Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Obsessed Custom Neutralization Mask 200ml / 6.8oz



高度著色的藍紫色調,可以中和並消除黃銅色/橙色調,以保持亮發。它還有助於修復和保護脆弱的頭髮。 受保護的顏色。專業護理。使用我們迄今為止最中和的系統,將破損減少多達10倍(當使用Brass Off系統的洗髮水,面膜和免洗乳霜與非調理洗髮水時。) 主要優點: 1) 高色素的藍紫色顏料可有效減少黃銅色/橙色調 2) 超豐富配方可針對性應用 3) 幫助修復和保護脆弱的頭髮 4) 增亮成分可幫助頭髮反射光,使頭髮光澤 5) 適合染髮和自然髮質 如何使用: 1.使用Total Results洗髮露後,戴上合適的手套,塗在濕髮上並均勻梳理。 2.避開頭皮區域,並根據需要的中和時間靜置5-10分鐘。 5分鐘進行細微中和,10分鐘進行最大中和。 3.沖洗乾淨。 *由於它的色素沉著配方,不建議每天使用面膜。 Brass Off Custom Neutralization Hair Mask is a color depositing formula that neutralizes brassy tones. Highly pigmented blue-violet tones that neutralize and eliminate brassy/orange tones to maintain lightened hair. It also helps repair and protects fragile hair. Protected Color. Professional Care. Get Up to 10X less breakage with our most neutralizing system yet (When using the Brass Off system of shampoo, mask and leave-in cream vs. non-conditioning shampoo.) Key Benefits: 1) Highly pigmented blue-violet pigments to effectively reduce brassy/orange tones 2) Ultra rich formula allows targeted application 3) Helps repair and protect fragile hair 4) Shine-enhancing ingredients help hair reflect light to give hair luster 5) Suitable for color treated and natural hair HOW TO USE: 1. After using Total Results Brass Off shampoo, wearing suitable gloves, apply to wet hair and comb through for even distribution. 2. Avoid scalp area and leave on for 5-10 minutes depending on desired neutralization. 5 minutes for subtle neutralization, 10 minutes for maximum neutralization. 3. Rinse out. 4. Follow with Blonde Threesome Leave-In Cream for best results. *It is not recommended to use the mask everyday because of it's highly pigmented formula. (884486320216)