TIGI BED HEAD Colour Goddess Miracle Treatment Hair Mask 200ml (For Coloured Hair) 髮膜



我們的調理面膜將角蛋白,Provitamin B5和滲透性油脂與保濕和調理成分相結合,有助於撫平角質層並保持髮色。 防油劑,帶給您鮮豔的色彩。 BedHead®彩色護髮系列適合連續性染髮的人士。 增強髮色的活力和深度。 平滑角質層以獲得高光澤度。 低pH配方可在著色後幫助封閉角質層並鎖定色素。 使用說明: 適用於潮濕的頭髮。 靜置一分鐘。 徹底沖洗。 Our miracle conditioning mask combines keratin, Provitamin B5 and penetrating oils with moisturising and conditioning ingredients that help smooth the cuticle and keep colour electric. Oil defence for electrifying colour. Bed Head® colour care for serial hair abusers. Enhances hair colour vibrancy and depth. Smoothes the cuticle for high gloss shine. Low pH formula to help close the cuticle and lockdown pigment after colouring. Directions of use: Apply to damp hair. Work through hair and leave for one minute. Rinse thoroughly. (615908423921)