TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Hair Wax With Massive Hold 57g 髮蠟



① 這種蠟狀的物料包含蜂蠟,有助於形成粗糙的啞光質感 ② Bed Head造型聚合物可提供持久的支撐和控制-產生提拉感,抓地力和清晰度 ③ 調理複雜的秀發,增強可管理性,使秀發柔軟輕盈 ④ 抵禦高濕氣 ⑤ 持有:堅定 ⑥ 質地:最大 ⑦ 光澤:啞光 這款啞光髮蠟可幫助您營造提神感,抓地力和清晰度,並防潮。 確保您最大限度地發揮自己的風格! 非常適合中短髮。 使用方法: ① 將髮蠟塗抹到干燥的頭髮上。 ② 雙手之間摩擦加熱,然後將產品塗抹頭髮並塑造想要的形狀。 ① This waxy format contains beeswax which helps to create massive texture with a matte finish ② Bed Head styling polymers provide long lasting hold and control – creating lift, grip and definition ③ Conditioning complex conditions hair and gives increased manageability its gives hair a soft and light finish ④ Defends style against high humidity ⑤ HOLD: Firm ⑥ TEXTURE: Maximum ⑦ FINISH: Matte This matte texturiser helps you create lift, grip and definition and defends styles against humidity. Make sure you max out your style and keep rocking all night long! Great for short to medium hair lengths. Directions: ① Work through clean, wet or dry hair and style with attitude. ② On wet hair, blow-dry or let dry naturally. (615908424263)