Wella Professionals EIMI Pearl Styler XXL 150ml (Styling Gel) 珠光造型啫哩



這款Wella Professionals幹珍珠造型定型啫喱採用提拉,紋理或蓬鬆的頭髮打造出引人注目的款式,展現珍珠光澤。 提供無限可能性,使用這款多用途凝膠成為您自己的造型師。 珍珠光澤結構,探索無限可能。 Wella Professionals珍珠造型定型凝膠將成為暢銷產品! 作為廣受歡迎的Wella High Hair Pearl Styler的替代產品,這種多用途提供無盡的髮型機會。 使用方法: 將1至2個Wella Professionals幹珍珠造型定型啫喱泵分配到您的手掌中,然後乾燥。 對於短髮的額外提升,請在濕髮上吹乾。 Lift, texturise or tousle hair to create compelling styles that reveal a pearl-shine finish with this Wella Professionals Dry Pearl Styler Styling Gel. Offering endless possibilities, become your own stylist with this multi-use gel. Discover endless possibilities with pearl gloss structure. Wella Professionals Pearl Styler Styling Gel is set to be a best-seller! A replacement product for the ever-popular Wella High Hair Pearl Styler, this multi-use offers endless hairstyle opportunities. Directions: Distribute 1 or 2 pumps of Wella Professionals Dry Pearl Styler Styling Gel into your palms and work into dry hair. For extra lift in short hair, work into wet hair and blow dry. (4084500586550)