Wella SP Smoothen Mask 400ml (For Unruly Hair) 髮膜



在短短五分鐘內,Wella SP Smoothen Mask精美地控制著你的不羈頭髮。 這款面膜採用平滑深層護理,是一款柔順細緻的護理,令粗糙的頭髮柔順。 作為SP Smoothen系列的重要成分,Wella SP Smoothen面膜採用活性羊絨複合物配方,完美控制和護理不規則和粗糙的頭髮,賦予其令人愉悅的柔軟度,並提供抗毛躁保護。 使用方法: 通過預先洗髮的毛巾擦乾頭髮均勻分佈。 等候五分鐘。 徹底沖洗乾淨。 In just five minutes Wella SP Smoothen Mask beautifully controls your unruly hair. A smoothing intensive treatment, this mask is a detangling and calming treat that leaves coarse hair luxuriously supple. An essential component of the SP Smoothen line, Wella SP Smoothen Mask is formulated with an Active Cashmere Complex to perfectly control and care for unruly and coarse hair giving it a delightful suppleness as well as providing anti-frizz protection. Directions: Distribute evenly through pre-shampooed towel-dried hair. Leave for five minutes. Rinse out thoroughly. (4015600134358)