Wella Sp Balance Scalp Mask 400ml (Gently Cares For Scalp and Hair) 平衡頭皮護髮膜



使用Wella SP Balance頭皮髮膜,為敏感頭皮提供舒緩的強效護理,舒緩頭皮,同時加強肌膚自身的保護屏障。 作為SP Balance Scalp系列的重要組成部分,Wella SP平衡頭皮髮膜採用鋅榛子復合物配方,能夠微妙地平衡和舒緩敏感的頭皮,並強化細發,減少脫髮。 使用方法: 使用產品至頭髮均勻分佈。 等待五分鐘。 徹底沖洗乾淨。 Relieve and soothe the scalp whilst strengthening the skin’s own protective barrier with Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask, a soothing intensive treatment for sensitive scalps. An essential component of the SP Balance Scalp line, Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask is formulated with Zinc Pyriothon Complex which delicately balances and soothes sensitive scalps as well as strengthening thin hair to reduce hair loss. Directions: Distribute evenly through pre-shampooed towel-dried hair. Leave for five minutes. Rinse out thoroughly. (4015600133849 )